Kenai River

Kenai River Fishing

Two men holding salmon

Kenai River fishing is considered the greatest fishing experience in the world. The Kenai River is divided into the Upper, Middle, and Lower Kenai. It begins at Kenai Lake and empties into the Cook Inlet, and is approximately 82 miles in length, containing many varieties of fish that sports fishermen desire. Kenai river fishing trips for ideal for groups and individuals and provide the perfect destination for guided salmon fishing!

Different varieties of salmon run through the Kenai River at different times of the year. There are sockeye salmon (red salmon), silver salmon (coho), and pink salmon. These salmon varieties have two runs a year, with the exception of the pink salmon whose run occurs every other year.

The run for sockeye salmon occurs during late June. Silver salmon return to their spawning grounds at the end of the summer season, specifically the first part of August through the latter portion of September. Those wanting to catch larger fish of this variety can do so on one of our Kenai charter trips in September.

The pink salmon only runs during even numbered years. This variety makes catching the larger salmon more challenging, as they obstruct attempts at the bigger varieties. They may be a fun experience for those who are casual anglers or those still learning to fish. On a good run, one can generally catch dozens of pink salmon.

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